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    Death Makes a Comeback

    by James O'Keefe

    Approximate Word Count: 4492

    Violent death was no novelty to Sgt. James Peyton. He had seen far worse than a brunette with a bruise on her forehead and a slit throat.

    He felt as if he had just touched a live wire.

    He wide-eyed the older detective. "Dad--"

    Lt. Lawrence Peyton raised a cautionary hand.

    "Please, Jimmy." His voice dropped. "I wish I'd never told you about him."

    "But the MO--"

    "Sh. The husband hears you, spreads the rumor he's backĀ…. " He glanced at the bedroom door as if he expected something to enter and devour them.

    Lucy Welch's long hair spread out like a nun's veil on the gray carpet beneath her. Her brown eyes stared up at Jimmy.

    She wore a red tube top and tight, black designer jeans. How perfectly, colorwise, her top and lipstick coordinated with her throat.

    Jimmy hoped his necrophilic fantasies weren't too obvious. He must mention that to Dr. Larsen tomorrow.

    Jimmy Peyton was a fat little boy in a blond, blue-eyed hunk disguise. He had fooled many women, since he always took off before the disguise slipped.

    Lieutenant Peyton surveyed the huge, decadently ornate bedroom. He was a great, bloated version of his son with a cloud-gray crew cut. "Judging by that crap on the dressing table, she liked spending money."

    "Or knew how to get some guy to spend it for her."

    Lieutenant Peyton winked approvingly, which gave Jimmy a glow, then turned his attention to the bed. "Black silk sheets. Now, what does that tell you?"

    "I don't think you should jump to conclusions, Dad."

    "You want to get to my rank, you'd better."

    The glow faded.